5 Recommended Camping Places in Riau

5 Recommended Camping Places in Riau

5 Recommended Camping Places in Riau

DBambooEkang Tourism Village Camp [ 5 Recommended Camping Places in Riau ]

The location mentioned is in Bintan Regency. Those of you who go to the Dbambookamp campground will feel the atmosphere in the vast forest. Although on the side there are several houses. However, plots have been made and there is certainly a distance from one house to another. The price offered is not expensive, from 1 night, around 350 thousand. Dbambookamp gives the appearance of a lake atmosphere which is so cool if you see it in the morning or afternoon.

The Residence Bintan

The appearance of The Residence Bintan is certainly very luxurious. If you want to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the place that is on offer but want a bed that is still comfortable. The residence Bintan really can provide a comfortable place. Lodging is quite luxurious when discussing campgrounds. The tour that you can do at the residence Bintan is to take a car around the vacant land or want to take a jet ski to get around the vast ocean. But for this one, you have to pay 2 million. Spaceguardindia

Alam Mayang Park
Alam Mayang Park is located in Pekanbaru, Riau. The tourist objects offered are fishing areas, water duck bikes, water balls, photo spots, monitor lizard islands, flying foxes, children’s playgrounds, and safari trains. Camping package prices are not expensive and directions to the location are also very pleasant. However, there is a predetermined time when going to walk to that location.

Scout Campground

see the view from the place to stay//exciting

The location of the Scout campground is in Sirih Park, Pulau Palas Village. It turns out that this campground was originally not for the public. But it is only intended for scout children. For this reason, there is already a parking area, toilets, and even a place for reflection.

Natra Bintan, A Tribute Portfolio Resort
The room of the resort is certainly so complete. If you are satisfied playing at the campground location, then you can relax for a while around the resort. There are many things you can do such as a bonfire, car rides, spa, and enjoy the atmosphere around the resort.