West Nusa Tenggara Tourist Attractions

West Nusa Tenggara Tourist Attractions

West Nusa Tenggara Tourist Attractions

For those of you who deliberately want to take a vacation to West Nusa Tenggara but still don’t know where the place is, you can really go to the places that will be mentioned. West Nusa Tenggara is famous for its very exotic area so you can choose which place you will visit with friends or even your girlfriend. West Nusa Tenggara Tourist Attractions

Gili Asahan

Spaceguardindia – Gili Asahan, located in Lombok, is indeed small but is able to give a very interesting impression to travelers. Gili Asahan in Batu Putih village on the western tip of Sekotong, West Lombok. If you are diverse then you will make this place a favorite place. Because the situation in the sea is able to hypnotize the divers, because of its beauty.

Bangko-Bangko Pantai Beach

many beautiful places//Lake

those of you who are on Bangko-Bangko beach have to be careful because the waves there are so high. Even so, there are many people who are always happy with the high waves. Because it is very suitable for surfing. Yes, of course, only tourists who dare to show off do so. No wonder there are many people who continue to do it even though the waves keep coming. Bangko bangko beach is in the Sekotong area.

Yarn Netting Waterfall

Not only does the beach which has an exotic beauty, but the waterfall in the Lombok district is also able to attract tourists who keep coming. This mosquito net thread waterfall turns out to be from the foot of Mount Rinjani which flows continuously until it spills down. The falling water is like a mosquito net thread, so it is called a mosquito net waterfall. If you often see waterfalls, of course, you can feel the difference between this waterfall in Lombok and other waterfalls.

Doro Ncanga

If you are bored with the atmosphere of the sea, lake, or waterfall, then you can go to a place that offers a wide and green expanse of land. The atmosphere of Doro Ncanga is like in Africa, so those of you who are curious about the African region this time can just go to West Nusa Tenggara. Having a wide meadow makes hundreds of animals roam in this place. Surely this place is very suitable to be an exotic photo object

Gili Sulat

Gili Sulat is famous for its mangrove forest. Those of you who visit this place will definitely find a suitable place for camping. Not only that, nearby there is a beautiful beach and the water in that place is very clear. On Gili Sulat you can do snorkeling, the services provided on Gili Sulat are life jackets, masks, and fins. Usually, the water in the mangroves is not so clear, but when you are in Gili Sulat the water in the mangroves is very clear. For those of you who are curious about Gili Sulat, this location is in Sambelia Village, Sambelia District, East Lombok.

With the various tourist destinations in West Nusa Tenggara, you can really travel at the same time in several days at a time with different locations. But first, make sure the location that you are going to explore can be passed according to the existing conditions. The given area destinations certainly vary so you can choose which location you will make a memorable picnic or vacation spot. So make sure you have everything ready before traveling.