West Kalimantan Tourist Attractions

West Kalimantan Tourist Attractions

West Kalimantan Tourist Attractions

The capital city of West Kalimantan Province is Pontianak. In Kalimantan, there are still interesting and very comfortable natural attractions. If you are traveling to Kalimantan, you can also travel to various destinations. Of course, there are lots of exotic sights in Kalimantan even though they are mixed with modern things. There are various kinds of tourist attractions in Kalimantan, so those of you who are going to travel complete all your needs to make it easier to carry out activities. So many natural resources in West Kalimantan. So don’t miss it and feel the beauty of nature for yourself. West Kalimantan Tourist Attractions

There are 5 tourist attractions or destinations in West Kalimantan

Temajuk Beach – Spaceguardindia
In Kalimantan, Temajuk Beach has a different view from other beaches. On the beach, there are still large rocks scattered and the beach water does not rise. When you take photos on the beach, it will look elegant and very attractive. Even if you walk along the coast all day you will not feel bored, especially with your family. Because playing on the beach with rocks that have a low water level will be very fun. What’s more fun at Temajuk beach is not only you will enjoy the beauty of nature but you can see turtle eggs.

Mushroom Hill

If you want to go to Mushroom Hill, you have to go to Bengkayang Regency, Bumi Emas Village, Jaku Malunu. The beauty of the mushroom hill is not in doubt, if you reach the top of the mushroom hill you can see how many clouds or dew are moving to the right and the left. If you want to enjoy this place even more then you can camp to feel the coolness of this place. This mushroom hill gets the nickname mushroom because the fir trees around the hill are short and resemble mushrooms. The tree must have been trimmed by officers to make it more neat and aesthetic.

Sarai Sawi Waterfall

If you want to travel to Kalimantan but choose a destination that is rarely used by many people, you can go to this waterfall. The Sarai Sawi Waterfall is a rare and almost unknown tourist spot. Because the journey is so steep that travelers or tourists rarely enter this location. So that you don’t get lost, it’s better if you travel with local people.

Pig Hill

Before you get to the middle of the pig hill, there will be tall weeds and very beautiful green grass stretching all over the hill. Even though it’s a long journey to Pig Hill, your fatigue will disappear. Even on Pig Hill, you can see Sentarum Lake from a distance. Who would have thought that seeing the sunset on the hill is no less interesting than you see on the beach?

Semah Lubuk

take a beautiful trip//waterfall

To go to Lubuk Semah, you have to go to Kapuas Hulu Regency which is in Mentebah District. If you want to snorkel at Lubuk Semah then there is nothing wrong. The water in the semah pit is not so deep that those of you who will swim near it will not be washed away by the water. If you intend to enter the depths of the semah there are no specified operating hours. If you deliberately go to Lubuk Semah from the airport, it will take approximately 1 hour to get there.