Waterfall tour in Bogor

Waterfall tour in Bogor

Waterfall tour in Bogor

Hello bestie, who likes traveling and vacationing, of course, you won’t miss the opportunity to enjoy water tourism in Bogor. Bogor is also a vacation spot that is said to be extreme and exciting. Not only is it nicknamed the rainy city, but Bogor also has a thousand waterfalls in the waterfall. We can find many types of waterfalls in the Bogor tourist area.

There are so many types of waterfalls that we can find on Bogor water tourism. From shallow depths to high depths, it can attract a lot of attention from tourists. The springs are so clear that everyone can feel the coldness of the waterfall and the rushing water that falls down.

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Various types of water tourism are available in Indonesia, Bogor is one of the water tourism spots that is starting to be known by the public and popular. Erratic altitude is the main attraction for water tourism in Bogor. For those who haven’t been to Bogor, let’s immediately stop by the waterfall tour in Bogor, enjoy the cold waterfall and scream as loud as you can to let go of the burden on your heart. Spaceguardindia

The following are the names of water tourism available in Bogor, namely:

Leuwi Hejo
This green water pool has a type of waterfall that is not large. Beautiful Colors are one of the places that have colorful waterfalls and people often call it the Green Canyon Bogor.

golden princess
The journey to get to the Golden Princess waterfall is not difficult. Can only use motorbikes and cars, they will arrive at Putri Kencana Waterfall.

This water tourism spot is not big but has a heavy waterfall where we can have fun at the Orok waterfall. This waterfall is named Baby because of its small place.

has a wonderful charm//crowded

Very exciting water attractions. It has 2 waterfalls that are the same height and the river flow in this sublime is very heavy. Even so, many parents and children travel to the sublime. Because right below the spring of the great waterfall there is a small waterfall that is unique like a child’s funnel.

Provides a swift waterfall with a fairly large pool area so that people under the Princely Waterfall can swim in a relaxed manner.

Leuwi Lieuk
Nature lovers who have been to the Leuwi Hejo Waterfall, of course, are not surprised by Leuwi Lieuk. Rarely do tourists stop by Leuwi Lieuk. Because extreme places make people afraid to go there. But if you are curious about the place where the picture is, this waterfall is flanked by boulders with clear turquoise water.

One of the most beautiful waterfalls. The color of the water is so blue that many visitors and tourists want to try swimming there.

A place that can be said to be extreme but fun. There are lots of challenges to getting there. But all the fatigue will pay off when you reach Curug Mariuk Waterfall.

There are many more types of waterfalls in Bogor. In unexpected places, it can be a fun waterfall recreation area.