Tourist Attractions in Flores

Tourist Attractions in Flores

Tourist Attractions in Flores

Flores Island is included in the East Nusa Tenggara region, even though Flores Island is smaller, there are already residents there. Even though Flores has a small island, who would have thought that Flores Island is the tenth most populous island in Indonesia? On the island of Flores, it is not only the natural scenery that will be served but also the culture and culinary variety that cannot be separated from the sight of tourists. The following are existing tourist attractions on and near the island of Flores. If you visit Flores, don’t forget to bring photos of natural scenery that will become memories when you are in Flores. Here are tourist attractions in Flores

Labuan Bajo

Spaceguardindia – Labuan Bajo has always been known in East Nusa Tenggara, but many don’t know that Labuan Bajo is still on the western island of Flores. For those of you who want to go to the Komodo tourist park, of course, you have to enter from Labuan Bajo, because the main door to the park is Labuan Bajo. Labuan Bajo is also often seen by many people diving in it. Not only is it a favorite diving spot for tourists, but Labuan Bajo is also a place to see the sunset in it. Take it easy for those of you who want to go to Labuan Bajo but are afraid the road will be difficult, you don’t need to worry. Because Labuan Bajo already has paved roads, apart from that there are many ATMs that you will encounter if you are short of money.

When you go to Labuan Bajo there are also places you can go to such as Komodo National Park, Rinca Island, Manjerite Island, come Batu Caves, and others. By exploring Labuan Bajo, you can dive, snorkel or just take a walk.

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Kanawa Island

Kanawa Island is also on the island of Flores, NTT. However, Kanawa Island is rarely known by Indonesian people Australians are very familiar with Kanawa Island. Kanawa Island is indeed quite far from Labuan Bajo so rarely does anyone go to the island. But when you enter Kanawa Island, your tiredness will pay off. Moreover, on Kanawa Island, you can do snorkeling. The depth of the water on Kanawa Island is 5 meters, and with clear water, you can easily see around Kanawa Island water.

Hunting for sunset/sunrise, diving, and camping on Kanawa Island are the most beautiful things tourists can do. Although the places on Kanawa Island are not as busy as they used to be. The beauty that nature has to offer never fades.. If you want to take a shower while camping there is nothing wrong.

Mules Island

Mules Island is adjacent to Flores Island and Sewu Sea. If you visit Flores, then you will find it very easy to get to Mules Island. This mules island when viewed from afar looks like someone who is sleeping. On Mules Island, there are beautiful hills and exotic sea views. On Mules Island you will find many turtles, dolphins, and other marine fish.

The beauty of Mules Island can rival Labuan Bajo. Because a high hill will give a different sensation than the others. When you hear the word mules in NTT, don’t get me wrong. Because mules come from the Manggarai language which means beautiful. Exactly with the beauty and beauty of the natural landscape makes its name even more real.