Tourist attractions are often visited in Indonesia

Tourist attractions are often visited in Indonesia

Tourist attractions are often visited in Indonesia

It’s not only foreign countries that have beautiful and beautiful tourist spots. Indonesia is no less beautiful. There are so many sights that can make us speechless and cool tourist attractions that also turn out to be in Indonesia. Traveling is really good if you have a moment with friends and family. Tourist attractions often visited in Indonesia will also show the beauty that is not inferior to foreign countries.

Lots of tourists come and visit Indonesia. Intrigued by the beauty of Indonesia. Make them visit often. Sometimes visitors who come also know about Indonesian tourist attractions through friends who have vacationed in Indonesia or through several media.

Of course, you are curious about tourist attractions that are often visited in Indonesia. Tourist attractions that we can visit when we have free time to enjoy the beauty of Indonesia, namely:


Spaceguardindia – Tourist attractions are often visited by tourists or other tourists. A very beautiful place with a beautiful panorama of the sun. Bali is often used as a vacation spot for couples, including some children who work on tours at school. The beautiful island of the gods is famous for its traditional Balinese charm.

Lombok on 3 gills

Next to the island of Bali. Tours or travelers who like water can play on the 3 Gilis. Lots of tourists do surfing, diving, surfing, and more in Lombok 3 Gili.

Komodo island

Tourist attractions still have large animals that live on Komodo Island. Maybe people are afraid of Komodo Island. This large animal that can attack anyone without mercy has also been visited by several tourists.

Mount Bromo

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Who likes to go mountain climbing? There must have been a lot of mountains that were climbed and were the first places to show their feet there. Those who like to see beautiful views of the mountain can stop by Mount Bromo. The view from the top of the mountain is very beautiful, what’s more, if you see the sunset, it’s even more beautiful.


Beautiful tourist spots like gems. Derawan is located in the Berau district in East Kalimantan. Here we can swim with the famous whale sharks. In the sea, there are also beautiful coral reefs growing in Derawan.


A very beautiful tourist spot can make people feel at home living there. Lots of tourists often come to visit Sumba Gi in NTT. Not just ordinary tourists who have visited, there is one of the famous football players, David Beckham, and his wife who have also been on holiday to Sumba. Beautiful scenery with beautiful beach charm.

Ijen crater
A very high place requires people who have a strong and prime physique to go there. Steps that are very heavy enough to make the climbers satisfied with the beauty of the Ijen crater and the enchantment of the blue fire. In the Ijen crater, we will also find Lake Ijen. At Lake Ijen we can only look at it because, in the river that fills the volcanic eruption site, it produces a fairly high acid liquid. Makes any object that goes in their scald without having to wait long.