Southeast Sulawesi Tourism

Southeast Sulawesi Tourism

Southeast Sulawesi Tourism

Tourists who have stopped by in Southeast Sulawesi will not get the best memories if they do not visit a tourist attraction. Tours in Southeast Sulawesi, of course, will provide the most beautiful experiences and memories. There are actually many tours in Southeast Sulawesi, but this time we will discuss 5 places. Because these 5 places have their own interesting places and stories.

Labengki Island

Spaceguardindia – Seeing the Heaven of the world on Labengki Island is definitely not impossible. Because Labengki Island can be visited by anyone. However, tourists rarely set foot on Labengki Island. Labengki Island is in the Lasolo Archipelago District and is in North Konawe Regency. Those of you who want to go to Labengki Island can take a boat from Kendari City. Arriving at Labengki Island, you will be amazed by the panorama. Because of the seawater and sand on Labengki Island.

Moramo Falls

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In the Tanjung Peropa Nature Reserve forest area, there is a Moramo waterfall. The waterfall that you will enjoy has a height of up to 100 meters. To easily find this waterfall, you have to go to the Moramo sub-district, Konawe district. Arriving at the Moramo Waterfall, you can rest if you experience fatigue on the way. This place is not only a resting place but there are also bathrooms, as well as ample parking space. In the Moramo Waterfall area, you will also see colorful butterflies and beautiful birds chirping at each other.

Bokori Island

Bokori Island is not a foreign island for tourists, especially those who have arrived in Kendari City. Still in the Konawe district, but you have to go to the Soropia district. Initially, Bokori Island was considered a tourist spot, so the trees on Bokori Island were designed in such a way. The white sand on Bokori Island is very interesting especially since there is nothing like Bokori Island regarding white sand. On Bokori Island you can also stay overnight, or you will only make a visit.

Buton Palace Fortress

The tourist attraction of the Buton palace fort has a history where this fort was the former capital of the Buton sultanate. Buton palace fort was made of limestone. The Buton palace fort is the largest fortress in the world, so it’s no wonder why this fort has an award from the Indonesian muri record museum and the Guinness Book record in 2006. This fort was deliberately built in an orderly manner so that it could surround the palace area at that time. Of course on the basis of the orders of Sultan II named La Sangaji. In Bau-Bau City, there is the largest fort in the world, so there is no longer any reason for opinions to say that Indonesia does not have a fort like other countries. Because it turns out that Southeast Sulawesi has it and has been around for a long time.

Katembe Beach

Katembe Beach has a beach appearance that is almost similar to beaches in Bali. Access to get to katembe beach is not difficult, because in fact it only takes approximately 1 hour to get there. Katembe is not just a name, because the word katembe means fresh water. On katembe beach, there is a well for tourists who will take clean water to clean up after playing. The water in the well is fresh.