South Sulawesi Tourist Attractions

South Sulawesi Tourist Attractions

South Sulawesi Tourist Attractions

Vacationing on the island of South Sulawesi is not a common thing for travelers. Because there are many interesting tourist spots that will be given. Of course, tourism in South Sulawesi can be visited by anyone, including the community of Sulawesi itself. Taking vacations to tourist attractions will not only make you more familiar with the destinations from the area you are visiting. However, there will be a high level of tolerance that can be instilled in someone who travels from one place to another. Here are tourist attractions in South Sulawesi that you must visit

Bantimurung Maros National Park

Spaceguardindia – The tourist location of the Bantimurung Maros National Park is very well known among the people of Sulawesi and foreign tourists. To go to this national park, you have to go to the Bantimurung sub-district, Maros district. Arriving at the Bantimurung Maros National Park, you will see heavy water flowing down, this place is like a river with steep rocks. Bantimurung Maros National Park is a place of charming scenery.

Dead Burake

Buntu Burake is a religious hill in Sulawesi, which is located in the Buntu Burake Village, Tana Toraja Regency. If you have reached the hill at the dead end of the Burake then you will see a statue of Jesus Christ. To reach the statue of Jesus you have to walk up to 4 km from downtown Makalle. Although this hill is religious, not a few people from different religions visit the dead end of the Burake. At the dead end of the Burake, there is a place that has its charm, namely being able to see the statue of Jesus at a height.

beautiful mountain//unique house
Gusung Island

The island, which is in the Bontoharu sub-district, the Selayar archipelago district, has an island-like paradise. The island which has beautiful and fine white sand is a place for tourists to stay there for quite a long time. Actually, Gusung Island is a place to soak the waves that will enter the Makassar area, which is shaped like an embankment. But because the embankment has been made for a long time, the sand continues to grow, making it an island. If you want to dive around the island of Gusung, of course, you can do it. Or you just want to sunbathe around the beach, of course, there is no problem.


It turns out that South Sulawesi does not only provide beautiful and exotic sea views. But there is also natural scenery in the mountains that are no less beautiful and cool to look at. Malino is located in the Bolano Lambunu sub-district, as long as you travel to Malino you will see pine and limestone forests. In Malino there are also waterfalls, tea plantations, and valleys from Japan. For those of you who want to take photos around the plantations in Malino, it would be better if you can take them from a distance, then the Sloping Agriculture Land will be clearly visible so that it becomes beautiful and aesthetic

Tanjung Bira Beach

If you want to go to Tanjung Bira beach, tourists must go to the Bonto Bahari sub-district, Bulukamba Regency. Tanjung Bira beach has fine white sand and the seawater around the beach is so clear. Facilities at Tanjung Bira Beach are not just for visiting, there are facilities such as lodging, parking, and a restaurant. Tanjung Bira beach is also a traditional shipbuilding site in South Sulawesi, of course, anyone can see shipbuilding on the beach.

It’s fun again on the beach of Tanjung Bira, tourists who want to dive can rent the equipment that has been provided. Not only diving equipment. Ferry rentals, motorbike rentals, or showers after diving are also provided.