South Korea Island Tour

South Korea Island Tour

South Korea Island Tour

Tourist attractions in South Korea that you need to visit are places that will make your moments unforgettable. There are many tourist attractions in South Korea. However, the 3 tourist attractions mentioned will provide a different moment from your other tour trips. Here are tours in South Korea

Nami Island

Spaceguardindia – Nami Island is a small island located in Chuncheon – Si in Gangwon Do province, South Korea. In South Korea, there is Nami Island which is very famous. There are several reasons why you should take a vacation to Nami Island, namely

Every place on Nami Island during winter is so beautiful.
In spring, Nami Island has beautiful, colorful flowers. It is perfect when taking photo spots in this place. Especially in summer, the leaves and trees that are there are so cool you will be amazed at the scenery.
To take beautiful photos during pre-wedding or just to take photos while on vacation is so beautiful. Because tall trees can make a good photo background because the arrangement of the trees is so neat.

Transport to Nami island

many kinds of delicious food//transportation

Try the food on Nami Island, namely Snowman Pancakes.
Those of you who want to have a vacation to Nami Island doesn’t need to be confused, because those of you who are from Seoul can easily reach it by train. Take the Gapyong train and after crossing using the ferry you will arrive at Nami Island. Taking a boat to Nami Island, you don’t think that the boat you will be traveling on will have a very cute shape. Not only is the shape of the boat cute, but it also turns out that when you enter Nami Island you get a special passport. Because Nami island has a great place in any season, make sure which season you will visit. Is it winter, spring, summer, or fall?


Planning to Odongdo you have to prepare a thick jacket. Because usually the tourists to this place in December. And in December there are strong winds, why do you need a jacket, because there is a wind that you will receive there. At Odongdo you don’t only get beauty from culture. But you can see the natural scenery from the seawater to the forest. Having fun at Yeosu Odongdo you will be easy to see the cable car and more.


The biggest amusement park in South Korea is Everland. Lots of visitors from South Korea play in this amusement park. almost every year this place is always packed with visitors. Not only a playground but there is also a zoo or water park there.