Island to test the guts

Island to test the guts

Island to test the guts

An island to test your guts is a place that is rarely visited and feared by many people. Of course, the island is haunted and uninhabited. Hearing the word terrible island will certainly make someone who likes to test their guts try to go there. It’s not just haunted, it turns out that every uninhabited island has some very scary mystical stories.

For those of you who like mystical things, of course, you will explore all the stories and find out why the island is haunted. Almost all people do not know about the haunted island. Only a few people know about these haunted islands. an island that can make you have a heart attack and not strong enough to live long. Spaceguardindia

Here are some names of haunted islands, namely:

Gall island

One of the Riau Islands which turned out to have been made a stopover by refugees from the Vietnamese. Many say that Galang Island is filled with a mysterious atmosphere. There is a story that said that residents who had taken refuge there often found bodies of women who were raped and some were killed and committed suicide on Galang Island. This is what makes the island haunted. Many of the other islands adjacent to Galang Island do not want to come closer when it gets dark. Some say they often see a figure waving asking for a ride on Galang Island.


The island is in the area of Melanesia. An island that shows a beauty that cannot be expressed in words. The beauty makes people want to visit the island of Fiji. It’s just that the island of Fiji is also an island that has a scary story. The bodies of children who were tortured and killed there were found. In addition, there is cannibalism in children.

Snake Island

If you like snakes, you can stop by Brazil. The island which is now not inhabited by humans, but rather by the venomous and frightening snakes that inhabit the island. once you set foot on snake island then you can never get out of there.

dare not come near//snake the island


The island is most famous for the beauty of the beach. Many couples don’t know that the island of Hawaii also has haunted and terrible places. A place that is rarely visited by many people. There is a rumor that anyone who kills a pig will die a horrible death. Apart from that there are also some places that show unexpected horror.