Indonesian tourism favored by tourists

Indonesian tourism favored by tourists

Indonesian tourism favored by tourists

There are many places for Indonesian tourism that tourists like. Not only in foreign places that have beautiful and cool tourist spots. Indonesia is also not left behind, besides being famous for its history, Indonesia has several beautiful islands and has succeeded in captivating the hearts of tourists.

Vacation spots that succeed in making people feel satisfied and unforgettable. A place that has succeeded in making tourists get a big and fun treasure. The beautiful nature of Indonesia makes many tourists feel at home and don’t want to go home. Friendly people with an amazing culture.

Of course, from that place you can visit and see every sight that is there. Some places that make tourists feel at home, namely:

Raja Ampat – Spaceguardindia
Raja Ampat is a vacation spot that gives a lot of unexpected beauty to every visitor. Even though it looks expensive, it turns out that many tourists like to go to Raja Ampat Island. You can find lots of beautiful green scenery in Raja Ampat. It turns out that in Raja Ampat there are several unique islands that you can visit, such as Misool Island, Wayag, and many more places.


have a special dance//beautiful

Visiting Wakatobi, don’t forget to see the many islands that you can visit. Don’t forget that in Wakatobi you can have fun with various types of activities such as swimming, diving, snorkeling ,and many more. Wakatobi itself has an existing culture. This cultural dance from the Wakatobi tribe is a war dance originating from the Buton tribe.

Mount Bromo

It is one of the most visited tourist spots by many people. In addition to the beautiful and beautiful scenery, it turns out that Mount Bromo also has several cultures that are very attached to the people of Mount Bromo. There are several dances and festivals that they use. An activity that shows gratitude and the gift is given.