How to Visit the Island of Malaysia

How to Visit the Island of Malaysia

How to Visit the Island of Malaysia

On how to visit the island of Malaysia, you can choose the type of trip. Many tourists are curious about the islands in Malaysia. Apart from being a beautiful city, it turns out that every island in Malaysia has some unexpected beauty. The curiosity that keeps coming makes you have to find the best route to be able to vacation on the island of Malaysia.


Sipadan – Spaceguardindia

The island gets the nickname of one of the best diving islands in the world. Sipadan Island was once a bone of contention between Indonesia and Malaysia. The struggle ended in an international trial. In his decision, the island of Sipadan fell into the hands of Malaysia.
The ecosystem on Sipadan Island has experienced fragility. So the government decided to stop building resorts and prevent divers from diving at night. In addition, the government also limits the number of people who dive. This step paid off and now Sipadan Island has been filled with several hotels and resorts. To get there, those of you who come from Kinabalu can fly to the city of Tawu, then when you get there, you can go to Sipadan Island by using a speedboat.

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You can go to Redang Island. The island turns out to have 9 beautiful islands. On the island, there are also marine plants. The plants are made like a garden with a depth of twenty-eight miles from Terengganu and Peninsular Malaysia from the east. There are several large resorts on Redang Island.
Vacationing in Redang, you can see some cool action. To get to Redang Island, you can start from Kuala Lumpur and fly directly to Redang Island. Or you can also take a flight that stops for a while at Trengganu and get on the ferry from Merang Port.

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One of the sultan’s islands that you can visit. The island is owned by the Sultan of Johor. On Rawa Island, you can enjoy a sultan-like inn. There are 2 resorts that you can choose and live in. To get to the swamp island, you can take a bus or take a private vehicle to the Mersing area. When you get there, you can take the ferry. A remote island that gives the impression of being like a sultan.

The island is mostly visited by tourists. an island that is easy to come to but is also an island that is highly protected by the government. To be able to follow the crowds on Pangkor Island, you can come on weekends. To be able to visit Pangkor Island, you can take a flight from Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Subang airport from Kuala Lumpur. Or you can also take the ferry from the city of moss.