East Timor Tourist Attractions

East Timor Tourist Attractions

East Timor Tourist Attractions

Timor Leste is famous for its beautiful destinations, moreover, there are several destinations that still have remnants from the Portuguese colonialists. Timor Leste is a place where there are always lots of people who want to visit and take a walk there. Nothing is overlooked when tourists visit Timor Leste, that’s why Timor Leste is always a trending topic. Here are the tourist attractions in Timor Leste.

Marobo Hot Springs

Spaceguardindia – The village of Marobo is famous for its hot springs. In the hot springs, there are 3 pools that have different colors. The 3 colors are blue, green, and white. Each of these waters has a different water content. The blue color contains water from the source, while the green color is warm water which is the target of tourists. And the white color is cold water mixed with lime.

Jacob Island

Jaco Island is a small island in Timor Leste. This island is uninhabited so entry into this island will be considered illegal. However, tourists who do diving will be assisted by fishermen using the boats that have been provided. When you enter the island, you rarely find trash in that location. Because the place has been determined to make it look cleaner. It takes time to get to Jaco Island, but even if you get to your destination you won’t feel tired. But you will feel happy because there is clean, clear water and views that make your mind fresh. There is also no reason for tourists to make expensive payments to this island because the main reason lies in its natural beauty.

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water strait

The border between Timor Leste and Maluku has a border, which is a water strait. If you are visiting or passing through this strait, you will definitely find dolphins swimming. However, the dolphins will move from October to December only. Not only dolphins, but various kinds of whales will appear in this strait. Usually, only scientists or photographers go to the water straits, so they can take the right spot and not miss any interesting information.

Thais Market

Visiting Timor Leste but want to bring souvenirs home from there, of course, you can go to the Tais market. There are various colors and fabrics that are sold in the Tais market. The pattern of cloth in the Tais market is not arbitrary, just choose and buy, because different color patterns will indicate social status. Previously, East Timorese women had to be able to weave a cloth so they could buy livestock by bartering. There are lots of things that are sold in the Tais market, such as scarves, clothes, and bags. The location at Tais Market is at Nr. D’Luis Dos Reis Noronna Kolmera, Dili.

Ramela Mountain
Those of you who want to see the conditions or atmosphere in a foreign country like Portugal, only need to go to Timor Leste. It is true that Mount Ramelau in Timor Leste is the best tourist attraction. This place is the highest place in Timor Leste. If you want to see the view of the sun going down or up, you can just go to this mountain. This mountain is a place of pilgrimage for Catholics so once a year it is definitely very crowded.