East Kalimantan Tourist Attractions

East Kalimantan Tourist Attractions

East Kalimantan Tourist Attractions

Not a few people are amazed by the natural beauty in East Kalimantan, let alone hear the stories that are still legends. So many tourists review so that they take the best photos around Kalimantan. The following are 5 natural tourist attractions in East Kalimantan. East Kalimantan Tourist Attractions

Liang Mangkulangit

Spaceguardindia – The cave which is only the roof and walls of the Kandilau river has the name Mangkulangit Cave. This cave is indeed unique and has its own charm, so many tourists want to immediately see the uniqueness. This cave does have high and majestic walls, because this tour is still natural, those of you who visit this place need to be careful.

Jantur Inar

The heart of Inar is a waterfall tourist spot in West Kutai, East Kalimantan. This waterfall has a beauty that is incomparable, moreover, the water that falls is very heavy and the water that falls is not just water. But this water looks thick like a thread stretched down very neatly. Although around the waterfall there is a lot of moss, the scenery makes the beauty shine even more. Tourists who visit the waterfall always feel happy when there is a rainbow that becomes a shadow when someone is playing under the waterfall. But the shadow is a legend that is still attached to the East Kalimantan.

enjoy the natural atmosphere and waterfalls//beautiful island

Wet Rice Island

Wet Rice Island is a small island on the island of Kalimantan which is located in the Makassar Strait. Even so, the wet rice island is still under the supervision and administration of East Kalimantan. Wet rice island has the origin of why the island’s name was given. So in the past, there was a ship belonging to the sultan of Kutai who was sailing with a group and food supplies, but there was an obstacle until all the goods fell. But when all the things fell, only the rice did not sink, and strangely enough, the rice became a mound that made it look like white sand.

So the island that has sand-like rice is called a wet rice island. There is indeed a history that is rarely known by the Indonesian people. If you are happy to go to the island, not from the story, you can explore the island by diving. Inside there are many fish, coral reefs, and other animals that are cute and beautiful. It is not easy to go to the wet rice island, but the tourists do not give up despite the difficulties in achieving it.

Labuan Cermin Lake

Enjoying the natural beauty in the Labuan Mirror Lake, you can observe the brightness of your face without using a personal mirror. Because the lake water can reflect the exact same light as a mirror. Right in the district of Berau, the sub-district of Biduk Biduk Danau Labuan Cermin is a place for tourists to visit. Many people say Labuan Mirror Lake is like being in a fairy tale and resembles a dream paradise. Above the lake, the stagnant water is fresh water, while salt water is at the bottom of the lake. It is very unique when you are in that place because naturally the water is separated.

Maratua Island
On Maratua Island you no longer need to doubt the natural beauty of the sea and its surroundings. If you are ready to snorkel, make sure all your equipment is complete. Because you are a water explorer, don’t miss the story from Maratua Island. On Maratua Island you will also enjoy the presence of lionfish, green turtles, or white rays.

The existence of Martua Island is indeed located in the Sulawesi Sea and the Malaysian border. However, Maratua Island is still included in the province of East Kalimantan, Berau Regency. No wonder the island of Maratua is often referred to as a collection of islands in Indonesia. Under the sea, at Maratua Island, you will also find a lot of beautiful coral reefs and various types.