California Tourist Attractions

California Tourist Attractions

California Tourist Attractions

California, which is located in the western United States, is often used as a tourist spot for young couples. Certainly not the usual vacation spot for immigrants or tourists. There are many unique and exciting places you can do while in California. California Tourist Attractions

Want to feel the vast expanse of sand and cool and calm natural scenery you can feel. Apart from that you can see the city from a hill very easily. And what’s even more exciting is that you can visit tourist attractions that many people really want to visit. Instead of you being curious about what kind of tourism is being served in California, this is the place

Disneyland California

Spaceguardindia – This playground in Disneyland California really makes local residents and visitors from other countries so enthusiastic. Even if you don’t have children, of course, you can play games in this place. Because there are many rides that can be played for adults.

San Francisco

When you are in this place, you don’t just see the bridge, but the beautiful scenery around the bridge. If you like taking photos, of course, this will be very interesting for you. Feeling the expanse of water and feeling the cool expanse of air there is not a difficult thing.

San Diego

Visiting San Diego, there will be many memories that you can get. Because you will see a special object museum, its beaches, beautiful parks, cinemas and historical areas for pedestrians. Of course, visiting tourist attractions is not just about coming to a place, there must be an assessment that you must pass.

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Yosemite National Park

In California, it turns out that it’s not just sand that covers the city, because in Yosemite National Park you can see there are high cliffs flanking clear and cold water. This place is not a new place because there are already many tourists visiting this place. The natural beauty that cannot be engraved in words will make you speechless and only want to enjoy the natural beauty that you like. If you enter this place, you can find a waterfall that has existed for thousands of years.

Cable Cars

In California, there is a cable car that is often used by tourists to get around in California. If you want to ride this cable car you have to understand which places are crowded. Because there are several places that make you feel crowded, making it is quite difficult to take photos or create personal vlogs.