Bridal Lake

Bridal Lake

Bridal Lake

Bridal Lake is a lake that is famous for being haunted. The place is located in Tangerang, Alam Raya housing. BridalLake is located in the city of Tangerang, which until now has become the most haunted place. A story that doesn’t know where to start all this horror. who would have thought that a tourist spot that looks beautiful with a clean lake actually has a terrible story?

According to the story, the BridalLake will take 2 victims with any group regardless of age. People who come to the bridal lake are expected to be vigilant because they always take victims, including children. In the beginning, there was a pair of stone brides who took photos together in the middle of the lake. Somehow the bride and groom died floating on the water.

Bride’s death

Spaceguardindia – The story is called the BridalLake because a couple of brides were found at the bottom of the lake embracing each other. For this reason, the name of lake is called the bridal lake. In this area, there will always be sacrifices and those of you who are going to this place have to be careful.

Many community members advise visitors not to come to the bridal lake. There are many reports that say that bridal lakes often ask for sacrifices. No matter who becomes the victim, they will definitely be summoned and die floating on the lake.

haunted lake//found a corpse


Of course, the local people who heard the news were immediately frightened. Don’t dare to play or come to the bridal lake. Many residents are still afraid and believe that the lake that swallowed the victims will continue to ask for sacrifices without stopping.