Beautiful wasted island

Beautiful wasted island

Beautiful wasted island

The beauty of the wasted island makes many people not think that the wasted island has such a beautiful place. Some people may not know that Indonesia has wasted islands. To get to the island, of course, you have to cross by boat. Many give the nickname for the wasted island.

Bui Island or rather the last island for criminals on death row. Nusa Kambangan is the place where a convict is sentenced to death. Those who haven’t been there, of course, think that the island is a haunted island. But in fact, the island of Nusa Kambangan is very beautiful.

Has a beautiful view

Spaceguardindia – The island has a green monument with the name Nusa Kambangan. To be able to see Nusa Kambangan, of course, you can borrow the vehicles available on the island. But visitors who are traveling can only go see by using the bus that has been provided by the officers. The bus is painted green.

Did you know that Nusa Kambangan actually has 6 beautiful white-sand beaches? Besides the beach, it turns out there are also several natural caves that you can enter. There are twenty-five caves ready to be explored by adventurers. Hearing about the beauty of Nusa Kambangan, many entrepreneurs tried to open factories in Nusa Kambangan.

A crowded place becomes quiet

including nature reserves//natural cave

Of course, this will be discussed by many people because Nusa Kambangan has been included as a nature reserve. There are lots of places where large and wild trees are still growing. Coupled with a number of wild animals that still exist such as Javanese eagles, pangolins, beetles, and others.

For plant seekers that are hard to find, you can find them in Nusa Kambangan. Before becoming a prison island, this place was very crowded and filled with lively parties. But since being colonized, a lot of cargo has been coming in and out of the port. The once-deserted island is full of cargo and is now a prison island for prisoners.

There are 9 prisons established in Nusa Kambangan. When visiting Nusa Kambangan, you will only be able to catch a glimpse. may not stop or enter the prison. The building that is still running now gives punishment to criminals.