Batu City

Batu City, East Java

Batu City, East Java

Batu City is a city that has the name Batu. The city in East Java is very close to tourist attractions and close to Surabaya and Malang. Previously, this new city was still part of Malang City, but now it is an administrative city. Even though it is not a municipality, this city is often visited by many tourists. The natural beauty of Batu City is often equated with the atmosphere abroad, such as in Switzerland.

If you’ve never been there and, really want to go there, but doubt the facilities there. Don’t worry, because there are many villas, inns, and even hotels. If you are from out of town deliberately going on vacation to Batu City, you can also buy souvenirs there. Also enjoy the trip while stopping at the mall too. But for those of you who want to go to traditional markets, can you or choose a floating market? Spaceguardindia

Culinary available

Take a walk to Batu City but want to taste the food or snacks, just look for it near the market. There will be many treats that you can get like

  • sticky rice post legend
  • stone meatballs
  • rabbit satay
  • Black glutinous tape
  • Wader fish vegetables
  • so Empog
  • apple Dodol
  • Angles drink
  • Apple chips
  • fresh milk
various culinary types//beautiful

Are you really ready for Stone town? Have you been there? Those of you who really want to go, of course, have to complete all the money and stomach. Because there are many types of culinary that can make you more hungry. There are still many food menus with various culinary delights that will amaze you.