10 tourist attractions in Malang

10 tourist attractions in Malang

10 tourist attractions in Malang

Malang, which is located in East Java, is not just a city, you can also recreation in a place in Malang. It is undeniable that natural scenery and tourist spots attract the attention of tourists. Where there are so many unique and suitable places for you to take a vacation.

Floratourism San Terra de Lafonte

Spaceguardindia – You who visit here not only see the flower garden, but you can also see the style of the building and the colorful houses. The style of the building is like taking you to Europe. So it’s not surprising that many domestic tourists who often visit this place just want to feel the atmosphere in Europe.

Parang Dowo Beach
In the Gajah Rejo area, Gedangan, Malang Regency, there is a beach that has the name Parang Dowo. Although the beach is just a beach, this beach is not just a panoramic view. But Parang Dowo Beach is very famous for the rocks that can change color. The color of the rock has an effect on what season it is.

Malang Night Paradise

Those of you who enter the event or venue will only be priced at 55,000 per person. Entertainment – The entertainment in this place is the lantern park, fun clown, Ganesha museum, dinosaur park, and flying car.

lots of waterfalls//Parang Dowo

Jatim Park
Of course, Malang is located in East Java, so it’s no wonder why Malang is known as Jatim Park. Those of you who enter Jatim Park will find lots of rides that are suitable for children.

Coban Rondo Waterfall

The address for this waterfall is Coban Rondo Street, Krajan, Pandesari, Pujon District, Malang Regency. This tour only provides views of the waterfall. But even though it’s just a waterfall view, it’s perfect if you want to do meditation. Coban Crondo waterfall is very much that came to him. Even though it’s just a bath, there are still many people who want to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Sirah Source Spring
If you like diving and want to see the natural scenery under the sea, this place is perfect for you. Because those of you who see the view of the water from a distance will feel happy and amazed because the water that flows is very clear. The place is like a river that is neither too wide nor too deep. Because the depth of the water is about 1.5 meters.

Nirvana Hill

If you want to see the view of 10 mountains, you don’t have to be far away. Because the hill of nirvana will provide a view that is perfect for you. Many people do lodging on this hill by camping. So those of you who do camp on this hill can feel the pleasure and beautiful atmosphere of the hill at night.

Rock Night Spectacular
Batu Night Spectacular Place is a game tourism place that has a variety of rides. The place offers you 4D studios, haunted houses, laser wars, and so on. If you want to visit this place you can come from 3 pm to 10 pm.

9 Beaches 3 colors

If you go to Malang, don’t forget to stop by the 3 colors beach. Because on the beach you can see 3 colors of water at once. Of course, different colors give a sign of the level of depth.

Wonosari Tea Garden
Not only in Bogor which has a tea garden. However, in the northern part of Malang, there are also Wonosari tea plantations. Those of you who want to take a spot in this tea garden will certainly not be wasted during the trip. Because the natural scenery and photo spots are very supportive.