Malaysian Island

Malaysian Island

Malaysian Island

The island of Malaysia is one of the vacation spots that also provides a fun and exciting place. There are lots of cultures that you can get in Malaysia. A culture that has been influenced by China, India, and the original Malay tribe. The city has also succeeded in presenting a very popular tourist spot. There are many Malaysian islands that you can enjoy such as: Malaysian Island

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Spaceguardindia – The island is very difficult to reach by some tourists. To be able to go to the island, you have to prepare quite a lot of funds to be able to take a vacation on the island of Perhentian. The island which turns out to have very beautiful scenery with clean sea water can do snorkeling activities. Apart from the beautiful scenery, you will also be guided by fishermen from Perhentian Island. There are places where sharks, turtles, and many more can live there. Not inferior to the event during the day, you can also enjoy the event at night with a beautiful fire dance.


Tioman or island for flashpackers. The island is very close to several cities such as Mersiang, Johor City, and Singapore. To be able to go to Tioman Island, you can take a ferry. Did you know that Tioman Island is one of the islands most frequently reported on by several magazines? Many agents invite tourists to vacation on Tioman Island. The most beautiful island with the shape of a spring.

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Langkawi or the luxurious island has another name, namely cursed island. The island is located on the border of Thailand. The island turned out to have a very unexpected historical story. Langkawi, the island that was cursed by a woman who was accused of adultery, was once dim and haunted. Even though it looks scary, the island of Langkawi is still the most luxurious island in Malaysia. A prime minister who succeeded in turning the island of Langkawi into a resort.

The island that has stood in the middle of Sarawak and Sabah is one of the federal territories. Of course, no one would have thought that Labuan has the status of an international freelance financial center. Become a business center that can buy profits.