Yogyakarta culture

Yogyakarta culture

Yogyakarta culture

Hello friends, when we are on vacation, of course, we will spend it relaxing and resting in a place that allows us to relieve our stress. But just resting turns out to make the body ache and body stiff. This makes our beautiful day full of boredom. What if we take a vacation while seeing some of the culture available at the vacation spots you visit, such as Yogyakarta culture?

Yes, who doesn’t know Yogyakarta? a place with a lot of history and a diverse culture. For the people of Yogyakarta, the culture they have is very sacred and not arbitrary. Yogyakarta is a special place for many people, including visiting tourists.

Enjoy holidays

Taking a vacation while seeing some of Yogyakarta’s culture is a special pleasure that will never be forgotten. Because the places and types of tourism that are prepared beautifully make lots of tourists come and some live and live in Yogyakarta. Because the culture in Yogyakarta is still strong and has not changed, it makes the city of Yogyakarta has its own characteristics.

There are many types of culture that we can see and learn in Yogyakarta, such as:

  • Yogyakarta batik
    Spaceguardindia – Batik is one of the characteristics in Indonesia, especially if one of the batiks comes from Yogyakarta. The famous type of batik in Yogyakarta is Giriloyo. Because of its uniqueness and beautiful shape, many tourists and tourists are curious about Giriloyo batik. Various tourists from different parts of the country come to Yogyakarta to know what Giriloyo batik is like and how to make it. Not only Giriloyo batik that you can find but there are also other types of batik in Yogyakarta.
  • Ramayana ballet
    On vacation in Yogyakarta, don’t forget to watch the Ramayana drama. A stage displays many types of dance and drama that make the heart and atmosphere carried away when watching it. To be able to watch the drama performance, you can order a ticket for the show. For those who like to watch the Ramayana ballet drama, you can watch it at the Tri Mukti Prambanan treater. To order tickets, you can select the date you want, such as ordering for the next year or the next month.

Harbor ceremony

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A culture that is still being carried out today. A custom that has been running since the Mataram era and is valid until now. The purpose of the harbor ceremony is to increase welfare and peace. This ceremony was enlivened directly by many people in Yogyakarta.

  • Sekatenan
    Vacationing in Yogyakarta, don’t forget to take part in seeing the Sekatenan customs. An event that is usually carried out when commemorating the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad with the Islamic calendar. Maybe many don’t know that this Sekatenan has been around for a long time. If you are people from Yogyakarta, of course, you know that this Sekatenan event can last a month. This festive event begins before the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad.

There is a lively night market with all kinds of goods they have to offer. The event that is most in demand by many people, both local residents and visitors, is Grebeg Maulud. At the Grebeb Maulud, we will see several people carrying agricultural produce which is paraded by the chosen people. There is a belief that says that if you succeed in getting crops during the procession, you will get a lot of good luck.