Tourist attractions in Sulawesi

Tourist attractions in Sulawesi

Tourist attractions in Sulawesi

Sulawesi is a fun and relaxing tourist destination. There is nothing wrong if you are traveling from place to place and want to visit Sulawesi. Many people think that Sulawesi is still difficult to reach. There are already a lot of residents and tourists who go back and forth to see the beauty of the island and its beaches. But for those of you who have never been to Sulawesi, I will tell you what tourist attractions are in Sulawesi. Don’t be surprised by the tourist attractions and culture that you will touch, because if you have been to one of these destinations once, you may want to come back to this place again.

Losari Beach Makassar

Spaceguardindia – Losari beach is very famous but rarely anyone is aware that this beach is in Sulawesi. The uniqueness of this Losari beach is the concrete edge of the beach to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere. Of course, tourists can enjoy the view from Losari beach beautifully. Another excitement is that tourists are not just enjoying the scenery, but can do fishing. Apart from that, there is a banana boat for those of you who want to do water games.

Samalona Island

Those of you who visit or go to the island will see a small island. If you see this island from a distance, this island is very unique, because this island has an area of ​​​​about 2.34 hectares. The view from the island of Samalona is no less beautiful than the island of Lombok. Because the view of the clear water and soft sand makes Samalona beach very stunning.

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Taka Bonerate Marine Park

You divers want to enter the beautiful ocean space. Because after all, the soul of a diver cannot be deceived. But those of you who want to dive need to visit this place because there are lots of rocks and beautiful and unique sea contents that you will find here. Taka Bonerate is also famous for its turtle habitat which is rarely encountered. Those of you who intend to stay around at the Taka Bonerate Marine Park do not need to be confused. Because there are already restaurants, transportation, and other facilities.

Pinisi Boat Craft Place

Visiting South Sulawesi, Bulukumba, you will meet boat craftsmen. This Phinisi boat craft is famous in the Bugis area. This boat craft place is not a mini boat or paper boat. But the boat in question is a ship that is the pride of Indonesia. This boat was not just any boat made of any time and wood. But there is a power that not everyone knows, apart from that another fact is that there are only 5 people who make the Phinisi ship. Although it doesn’t make sense in fact, this ship was successfully made, not just one ship.

Dungan Island

This island in South Sulawesi does look small, but when you enter it you can feel how beautiful it is there. Dungan Island is located in Barru, if you are already in Sulawesi, there is nothing wrong if you visit an exotic place like this. Not only can you enjoy the beautiful natural scenery. But for those of you who want to swim in that area is not difficult. The sea water on Dungan Island is so shallow, besides that the water is calm. Those of you who want to see the contents of the sea will look very clear.