Tourist Attractions in North Sumatra

Tourist Attractions in North Sumatra

Tourist Attractions in North Sumatra

You can’t just use the preparation to go to tourist attractions. Because going to tourist attractions you have to wear neat and comfortable clothes. You don’t only have to prepare clothes, but you also need to prepare food supplies and even medicines. If you are going to visit tourist attractions, you can choose from these 5 tourist attractions, as follows:

Gunung Leuser National Park

Spaceguardindia – If the National Park in question is a park that contains flowers, trees or even seeing animals. But in Gunung Leuser National Park it is different because Gunung Leuser makes the tourist attractions different from the others. In this park, you will see a clear and clean river flow. In Gunung Leuser National Park some animals are almost extinct. There are more than 4000 kinds of plants and trees in this park. Those of you who want to increase your natural knowledge is very suitable when visiting this place.

Samosir island

Those of you who have already visited Lake Toba can go to Samosir Island. Because the island is in the middle of Lake Toba. Usually, if there are no residents or residents on the island, the island of Samosir has several tens to hundreds of residents to date. Samosir Island has a unique variety that is rarely known by many people. Want to see a lake other than Lake Toba, Samosir Island also has its lake in the middle.

Take a vacation to enjoy the beauty of nature//waterfall Sipisopiso
Eastern Mountain Monastery

The biggest monastery in Medan is the Gunung Timur Monastery. Of course, Buddhist travelers can visit this monastery while in North Sumatra. Even so, until now the tourist attractions on the island of North Sumatra are always visited by tourists from anywhere.

Si Piso Waterfall – Piso

Waterfalls are places that are always targeted by many people from anywhere and from tourists. If you start the journey from the city of Medan then you who will go to the Si Piso – Piso waterfall only need to travel for 45 minutes. Of course, there is an entrance ticket that must be paid for, but any visitors only need to pay a low price. The good news is the Si Piso Piso Waterfall is still in 1 area on Lake Toba. If you are visiting Lake Toba, of course, you can stop by for a while at this place. At the Piso – Piso waterfall, there is also a parking lot, a flower shop, a place to eat, a souvenir shop, and even a toilet.

Funland mike holiday

Walking to North Sumatra like at Fundland Mike Holiday will provide many exciting rides. Scream, volcano, sky bike, twister, and others are games that are always played by visitors. Not only the game rides are ready to be invaded by visitors. However, other facilities are often used by tourists, such as restaurants and resorts. Because it has an unlimited parking area, this place has a lot of visitors. For those of you who are visiting this place for the first time, you can come from 9.30 am to 6 pm. With you paying 1x at the beginning of the entry ticket, you can play anywhere.