Tour the island of a thousand

Tour on the island of a thousand

Tour the island of a thousand

Tourism on the Thousand Islands is a fun and thrilling vacation spot. There are lots of views and also some very beautiful seas that you can see in Pulau Seribu. The island is close to the city of Jakarta. For those of you who are vacationing in Pulau Seribu, you definitely won’t want to go home again. The island also provides various types of interesting and exciting rides.

On vacation to the Thousand Islands, you will be presented with several types of islands around the Thousand Islands. Seeing the vast sea and unforgettable beautiful scenery. Many do not think that the Thousand Islands have many beautiful views. You can spend your time on the thousand islands.


Spaceguardindia – If you are already on the Thousand Islands, then take the time to visit other islands. An island that can also make you fall in love and come back here. For those of you who are vacationing on the Thousand Islands, take the time to visit other islands such as:

Angel Island

there are many islands that you can visit//Angel Island

The island turned out to have a historical story in the colonial period. The island was once used as a place of exile by the Dutch army. However, Angel Island is also a vacation spot that many people like the most. There are many types of rides that you can try such as canoeing, jet skiing, and many more. The most exciting thing about Angel Island is that you can try staying at an eco-friendly resort. An inn that floats on the water like a fishing village.

Onrust island

The island has now been protected and made into a natural cultural heritage. The name Onrust is taken from the Dutch language which means island that never rests. The island was once a place for the Dutch navy and warehouses. The island is now a tourist spot that many people like the most. Vacationing on Onrust Island, you can see some historical relics belonging to the Netherlands.

tiger island

An island that is different from the islands in the thousand islands. When you are on vacation on Tiger Island you will find a low tide. Become a road that you can go through to visit Little Tiger Island.