Tour in Riau, Bagan

Tour in Riau, Bagan

Tour in Riau, Bagan

Jemur Island

To go to this place you have to use a ferry to get to this island. There is a fee, of course, to go to this place because this place will definitely make you in a good mood. Not only the cost of money that you will pay but also the time you have to travel. It’s not close to going to Jemur Island, but when you get to the island it will make you want to linger in this place.

Bagan Batu Tree House

It’s not only Central Java that has tree houses, but in Bagan, it turns out that there are tree houses. Arriving at this tree house, you will definitely not be disappointed because there are exotic views and views that will make you last a long time. Spaceguardindia

Panipah City

Not only in Kalimantan which has a city on water but in Bagan there is also a city on water, namely Panipahan. Usually, people look at the water from the beach but when you are in Panipahan you will feel you are in the middle of the ocean. Beginners will definitely feel afraid, but if they are already in the middle of the city of Panipah, they will forget all their fears.

Okura Village

so clean location//go for a walk

To go to this village, you have to go to the border of Siak Regency and Pelalawan Regency. Because this place is often visited by tourists, there is an entry ticket. Not just empty land, but this place already has several rides that attract the attention of tourists.

Sephat Beach

This sepahat beach has experienced low tide which can make the coastal land visible. If the water is receding, it’s not only as small as the land that is visible but there are land sizes of up to hundreds of meters that you can see. Sepahat Beach still has minimal visitors so this location is still clean.