Tour For New Years

Tour For New Years

Tour For New Years

Celebrating the new year, of course, wants to have a different atmosphere than in previous years. Those of you who want to celebrate the new year must be able to do different things and have good transformations in your life. The following are tourist spots that are suitable for you to travel for the new year with your family

North Quay Harbour. In Surabaya

What triggers the interesting New Year’s place from this place is the view, the photo spots, the ships and so on. Entering the harbor and the ship, you will definitely feel something different from your imagination. The various kinds of facilities that you get on this cruise ship will provide the best for you.

Derawan Island, Borneo

Spaceguardindia – Those who have visited Kalimantan or those of you who don’t have plans for a vacation yet. Then this place can be used as a place of recommendation for you. Because this place is unique and provides a very romantic place for new couples.

Bunaken, North Sulawesi

What makes visitors come to Bunaken is the natural scenery. The beauty of natural ecosystems and clear water can make visitors see what is inside the vast ocean. Not only that, those of you who are new partners can make this place so beautiful to take a walk or just enjoy the natural scenery.

Celebes Canyon, South Sulawesi

a bustling tourist spot during Chinese New Year//crowded

For those of you who want to see natural scenery like abroad, you only need to visit Celebes Canyon. Because there are towering mountains that you can see and a wide expanse of sea that you can watch to your heart’s content. Even though it’s only a river, the natural scenery that is offered makes you unable to forget it.

Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park, Jakarta
the last place is in the Jakarta area. This place is perfect for those of you who want to celebrate the new year. The reason is that the mini garden is not just a variety of games, but there will also be natural scenery that you can see. Playing around the beach waiting for the new year event is the most fun place to set off fireworks.