Facts in Bagan City

Facts on the City Chart, Rokan Hilir

Facts on the City Chart, Rokan Hilir

Have you ever been to Bagan, precisely in Riau, the island of West Sumatra? In Bagan, you will see places that are still so beautiful and clean. The unique thing is that Bagan still uses ancient methods and of course, the local government has not allowed modern markets to exist there. The facts in the city of chart like this are what you need to know


in Bagan, even though it includes the city, all payments still use cash. Those of you who have money at a bank or ATM, of course, have to take money if you need it. Making payments at big shops is still using cash. Spaceguardindia

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  1. Modern market
    In Bagan there is still no Alfamart or Indomart. But in August 2023 there will be a fairly large plaza in the middle of the city. Of course, those of you who are going to do any shopping have to go to places that are already there. The absence of a modern market will certainly benefit MSMEs.
  2. Transportation
    The people of Bagan use transportation for short to long distances using trishaws. The pedicabs in Bagan don’t use pedicabs in general, although there are some who still use bicycles, the transportation there uses motorized trishaws. Using a rickshaw, of course, you can reach the trip more quickly than the rickshaw in general.