Facts about the city of Padang

Facts about the city of Padang

Facts about the city of Padang

Discussing the city of Padang, of course, there are interesting facts that you need to know. It’s not just the culinary delights that are the subject of conversation in the city of Padang. But the place of origin and the activities of the inhabitants of the desert. The following are facts from the city of Padang.

Restaurant Name

Because the city of Padang is famous for its rice, the Nasi Padang sellers don’t write to their food stalls. If you visit West Sumatra, you will definitely not find a stall that says Nasi Padang. It’s different, if you are in a metropolitan city, you will definitely find a food stall that says Nasi Padang.

Mini Market

Spaceguardindia – Indeed, in the city of Padang, there is no minimarket network available. Because the local government’s decision deliberately made MSMEs progress for the business that was made. But the minimarkets that you will find in the city of Padang are local minimarkets.

Custom home

Before the existence of modern houses, of course, Padang had traditional houses. The traditional house in Padang is known as the Minangkabau house. But the Gadang house in Padang also participates in Padang which is included in the traditional house in Minangkabau.

Unemployment number

In Padang, West Sumatra, there are lots of unemployed people. But the unique thing is that the people of Padang are still provided with basic needs every day even though there is no income or unemployment. The basic needs of the unemployed are met by a body that administers zakat.

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The name of the city of Padang

The name of the city of Padang means flat and wide land surrounded by medium-sized hills. Padang comes from Indonesian and Minang. Meanwhile, in the Minang language, the meaning of Padang is to have a sword to protect oneself from any attack.