Haunted Island

Haunted Island

Haunted Island

The haunted island is often the subject of many people’s talks. An island that has succeeded in making many people afraid and not daring to approach. Each island has a different story and history. Of course hearing about the haunted island makes the heart and spirit shrink. Already no one dared to come and mention the name of the island. Here are some island names that you can know, namely:


The island used to have a terrible and inhumane story. Poveglia is an archipelago in Italy. An island that now no one dares to approach and live there. Spaceguardindia – According to the story, the island of Poveglia once got the black plague. A disaster that succeeded in making many residents who lived infected and died. The death they got was not due to the plague. except for mass burning. The destruction of the virus was also carried out by burning the residents affected by the plague. This is what makes many people afraid and do not dare to approach.

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Miyakejima is on the island of Izu in Japan. If you hear Izu Island then you will feel the heat all over your body because Izu Island has an active volcano. The mountain that always emits hot gas around it makes Izu Island the most desirable level in the whole world. Even though they often emit gas, Japanese residents still live in Miyakejima. To be able to stay and live strong, residents use mouth masks.
Residents wear masks from morning to night. For vigilance, Izu Island also installed an alarm siren warning residents. Sirens will help all residents be alert and careful with the gas that is starting to rise.

Doll island

In Mexico, there is an island that looks scary and haunted. If you go there, you have to be careful with the dolls that are hanging. The island of the dolls is one of the scariest Mexican islands. This can be seen from the hangers of the dolls, which used to be beautiful but have become very scary. In the beginning, the doll was hung because someone felt that it was being haunted by the figure of a small child. To calm him down, the man hung the doll above. Even though he wasn’t bothered anymore, the doll that was hanging was getting scarier and scarier. Dolls that are eaten by time turn scary and haunted.