5 Tourist Attractions on the enchanting West Sumatra Island

5 Tourist Attractions on the enchanting West Sumatra Island

5 Tourist Attractions on the enchanting West Sumatra Island

You are not a native of West Sumatra? Want to do refreshing to the island? Don’t hesitate you can travel via google maps or help from asking the natives there. There is nothing wrong with many tourists visiting from one island to another. Because the island of Sumatra will provide many of the best moments in its scenery and atmosphere. Of course the tourist attractions that will be explained are places that are easy to pass and are known to many people. West Sumatra is very big so you also have to understand where you are going on a tour. Are you going to travel to beaches, hills or even other islands close to West Sumatra. 5 Tourist Attractions on the enchanting West Sumatra Island. The following are the best tourist attractions in West Sumatra in terms of view and location:

Harau Valley

Spaceguardindia – If you want to visit abroad like the US, but not enough funds. Another alternative tourist spot that you can visit is in the Harau Valley. This place is very famous in West Sumatra in Payakumbuh City. Harau Valley will be more beautiful when viewed from a distance, you will see like there is a valley flanked by 2 hills. Of course the scenery is more beautiful because the hill has a height of 100 to 500 meters. However, to reach this location requires quite a distance. Because those of you who travel from Payakumbuh to the Harau valley will reach a distance of up to 14 km.

Clever Sikek

Visiting sikek you can feel you are in switzerland. Not because there is a cold in there, but the atmosphere in the sikek. This location is still a lot of farmers who become permanent communities so it’s no wonder why it’s still very green and very beautiful. Previously, you need to know that this location is a location for carving crafts, woven songker cloth, wood paintings and also household equipment. Clever sikek is located on the slopes of Mount Singgalang, about 10 km from Bukittinggi.
Sianok canyon
For Ngarai Sianok, it is a place like the natural scenery of a beautiful valley like in animated fairy tales. Those of you who before entering the Sianok canyon will definitely be happier if you look at it from a distance, because it looks beautiful and beautiful with the twists and turns of the stretch of water. Entering the Sianok canyon will only be given a cheap price not reaching 10 thousand entrance tickets.

Gandoriah Pariaman Beach

Those of you who are not strong enough to travel far, but want to be able to see natural scenery when visiting West Sumatra. You can go to Pariaman Tengah, Pasir, Kota Pariaman, West Sumatra. Of course, getting into the beach is not expensive for the entrance ticket. Gandoriah Pariaman Beach is very beautiful, especially when you enter in the late afternoon. Not only the sunset view, but the more charming night view.

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Mentawai Islands
This dynasty is a tourist dynasty that includes going international. The Mentawai Islands are increasingly charming and reportedly there are many resorts nearby. What is most liked in this place is that tourists or tourists can do surfing. Of course, not all beaches are allowed to surf.

Can you think of anywhere that will take you to wander, right? So before you travel, make sure the conditions and places are like what you are after. Are you just looking for ambiance or do you really want to see a place other than the beach or the island.